JGI-27006-88 James Gaskets Carburetor Rebuild Kit, Fits all 1995-2002 Tube Frames Non-EFI Models (L3E5)

James Gaskets


James Gaskets complete carburetor rebuild kit. This is a great kit for anyone who is taking their carburetor out for rebuilding. This comes complete with all parts needed to rebuild the carburetor. This doesn't include any jets.

James Gaskets included in the kit are:

2x 26995-86A Intake manifold to head seal

1x 27002-89 Intake to carburetor seal

1x 28006-76A Accelerator pump rebuild kit

1x 27121-89 Float bowl o-ring

1x 27157-89 Drain screw o-ring

1x 27577-88 Float bowl c-ring

1x 27577-92 float bowl o-ring

1x 27892-78 Low speed air adjuster o-ring

1x 29059-88A Air cleaner to carb gasket

1x 738 Air cleaner cover plug


1995-1996 S2

1996-1998 S1

1997-2002 M2

1997-1998 S3 

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