Buell Accessories Instruction Sheets

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 Not all accessories instruction sheet are still available.

24439-02Y XB Crankcase Service Kit

25193-00B, 25194-00B, 25195-00YB, 25196-00YB, 25193-06 1991-2006 Cam Kit

25608-03Y Buell Blast Pro Series Cam Kit

25641-91 S2 & S1 Bolt-in Cam Kit

26725-03Y XB Carbon fiber Oil Cooler Cover

27347-96Y Remote Idle Adjuster

27473-01Y Screamin Eagle Performance Intake Manifold Kit

28017-00Y Carburetor Kit

29026-03Y Buell Pro Series Blast Air Cleaner Kit

29460-96Y Race Air Cleaner Kit 1995-1998 S1, S3, M2, S2

32620-03Y Buell XB12 Race ECM

32814-02YA Buell XB9 Race ECM

32942-02 SE Adjustable Ignition System

34003-04Y XB Polished Lower Belt Guard

34004-04Y XB Polished Upper Belt Guard

34005-03Y XB Carbon Fiber Lower Belt Guard

34006-03Y XB Carbon Fiber Upper Belt Guard

40020-03Y Diamond Highlighted Buell XB Sprocket Kit

40034-04Y Chrome Sprocket Hardware Kit

40214-01Y Rear Belt Sprocket Cover

40398-03Y Highlighted Buell XB Sprocket Kit

43686-01Y Rear Axle Cover Kit

43813-01Y Front Axle Cover Kit

43814-01Y Head Bolt Covers

45989-96Y Front Fork Suspension Spring Kit

46387-05Y Amber Hand Lever Kit

46388-05Y, 46389-05Y, 50777-06Y, 50778-06Y Rider & Passenger Heel Guards

48083-04Y XB Suspension Kit

49074-01Y Buell M2, S3 Shifter Kit

49092-01Y Buell X1 Shifter Kit

49096-03Y XB Carbon Fiber Rider Heel Guard

49098-03Y XB Carbon Fiber Passenger Heel Guards

50514-02Y XB Firebolt Air Intake Cover Bag

50487-99Y X1 Phantom Tank Mask

50498-97Y Billet Aluminum Footpegs

50515-02Y XB Firebolt Intake Cover Mask Kit

51029-03Y XB Chrome Passenger Footpeg Brackets

51360-03Y Polished Passenger Footpeg Brackets

51901-06YA & 51908-06YA Ulysses Low Seat Kit

53840-00Y Hero Tail Guard

55850-97Y Billet Aluminum Low Handelbars

55959-02Y Traction Hand Grips Kit

56144-04Y Torque Grip

57775-01Y Blast Windshield Kit

55959-02Y Traction Hand Grips

58214-06YB Ulysses Tall Windscreen Kit

58892-95Y Mirror & Instrument Panel Stabilizer Kit

59032-03Y XB Carbon Fiber Chin Fairing Kit

59041-03Y Carbon Fiber Rear Fender Kit

59457-99Y Carbon Fiber Chin Spoiler Kit

61496-96Y S1 & M2 Warrior Tank Mask

61508-97Y Quest Tank Bag

61581-02Y Air Box Trim Kit

61600-99Y X1 Tank Bag

61861-01Y Buell Accessory Gas Cap Kit

65012-01Y Slipfit Muffler Kit

65150-98Y Race Muffler Repack Kit

65218-03Y & 65163-02YB Buell Pro Series Race Muffler

65183-02YB & 65218-03Y Buell Pro Series Race Muffler

65396-96YA-65398-96YB-65400-99YA-91423-99YA-91424-99YA Race kits

69102-99Y Lightning X1 Billet Aluminum Dash

70916-97Y Rear set Control Kit

82003-02YB Buell Race Kit

82004-03Y Buell Pro Series Race Kit

82006-05Y Buell Race Kit

82007-05Y XB9 Race ECM

88203-09Y Tail Bag 1125R / 1125CR & XBR Models

88209-09Y Detachable Saddle Bag Kit 1125R / 1125CR & XBR Model

89000-97Y S3 & S1 Tank Mask

90057-05Y Ulysses Side Cases

90110-96Y Ulysses Upper Case Latch Mechanism Kit

90114-06Y Ulysses Side Case Latch Mechanism Kit

90116-06Y Ulysses Side Cover Lid Holder Kit

90420-00YA Blast Saddlebag Kit

91212-04Y Air Box Cover Mask

91211-04Y Tail Bag XBS Models

91213-04YB Tank Bag

91280-96Y, 91281-96Y, 91282-96Y S1 Ballistic Fabric Luggage System Set

91302-97Y, 91307-97Y, 91308-97Y, 91306-97Y Tail Pak Kits

91345-99Y M2 Cyclone Heat Shield Kit

91364-99Y Stone Guard Kit

91436-99Y X1 & S3 Fuel Filter Upgrade Kit

91421-99Y, 91420-99Y, 91422-99Y Air Cleaner Race Kits 1999-2002 X1, M2, S3

91737-99Y, 32680-96Y, 91438-01Y ECM & Ignition Module Kits

91456-05Y Detachable Trunk Bag XB Models

91458-05Y Detachable Saddlebags Kit XBS Models

91555-06Y Detachable Saddlebag Kit XB12SS Models

92030-05Y Ulysses Top Case and Side Cases

92330-06YA Deluxe Tank Bag

93001-03YA or 93004-05YA XB Frame Puck Kits

94753Y Wire Harness Assembly / Stator Relay Kit

94818-00Y Chrome Sprocket Hardware Kit

97020-08Y Triple Tail Backpack

B-085 1125 Model Suspension Settings

C1008.1AJ Translucent Air Box Cover Hardware Kit

C1160.1AU, C1161.1AU, C1162.1AU Emergency Lighting Install Kit

C1580.2AM 1125 Models Frame Insulation Kit

G01321.02A8 & G1321.1AM Rear Wheel Bearing Kit

G1400.1AA XB Drive System Kit

H0044.02A8 XB9R & XB9S Oil Cooler Line Upgrade Kit

H1110.1AMZT Brake Caliper Kit

H2531.1AM & H2531.4AN Front Brake Line Assembly Kits

HS1020.1AK Fuel Vent Hose Kit With Clamp

J1404.09AZ 1125 Steering Damper Kit

L1167.1AK, L1167.02A8, L1167.1AE Sidestand Leg Service Kit

L1501.8 Blast Front Isolator Kit

M1662A.02A8MW Front Fender Kit

M1907.1AK Rider Comfort Kit

M1930.1AK & M0930.1AK Ulysses Outdoorsman Top & Side Cases

M2138.1AK Ulysses Air Flow Cover Kit

M2296.1AMMW 1125R Side Fairing Kit

N1007.1ADMBE Black Wind Deflectors

N1007.1ADMBP Graphite Gray Wind Deflectors

N1050.1AK Heated Hand Grip Kit

N2000.1SKYBP Seat and Passenger Footpeg Kit

N2002.1AT 1125CR Tall Black Handlebar Kit

N2002B.1AT 1125CR Clubman Handlebar Kit

N2040.08AZCFC 1125R / 1125CR Carbon Fiber Swingarm Guard Kit

P1048.4AJ & P1018.5AA Reduce Power Throttle Can Kit

P1032.1AMA Fuel Vent Hose Kit

P1278.K Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor Kit

P2110.T Blast Fuel Cell With Bracket Kit

Q1002.1AM Oil Cooler Kit

S1 Twin Tail Kit

S2 Saddlebag Kit

S3 Fairing Lowers Kit

S3 Saddlebag Kit

S1138.1AA Exhaust Valve Actuator and Bracket Kit

X2086.1AM Hydraulic Piston & Cylinder Kit

Y0136.1AKA & Y0156.1AKA Wire Harness Kit with BAS Relocation Bracket

Y0199.K Speed Sensor Rewire Kit

Y1312.02A8 Voltage Regulator DC Connector Assembly Kit

Z0008.KA 1999-2002 X1 Fan Kit

 Z0008.MA 1999-2002 S3 Fan Kit

Z0018.LA M2 Brake Line Kit

Z0022.9 S1 Battery Replacement Kit

Z0023.L M2 Fork Bumper Kit

Z0025.M DDFI Snorkel Replacement Kit

Z1042.L M2 Cyclone Tachometer Kit

Z1048.9 S1 Air Box Replacement Kit