XB Frame Pucks

DLH Development


NEW! FINALLY AVAILABLE FOR SALE! Frame pucks for short-frame models!!!

Many thanks to our friends at DLH Development for making these!


Per our agreement with the supplier, these CANNOT be sold to any customers in Europe. European orders with the part will have the part cancelled.


Please make sure your frame is clean of wax, oil, and other road grime before installing frame pucks. If you fail to clean the surface properly they may fall off, and that is not covered by the warranty. 

Will NOT work on XB12SS, XB12STT, XB12X, XB12XT, XB12XP (Ulysses & Lightning Long) models


2003-2010 All Lightning models except XB12SS and XB12STT

2003-2010 All Firebolt models 


Notes from the manufacturer:


These pucks are totally uniform and look as good or better than the Buell OEM pucks. You will be proud to have them fitted to your Buell.


The main difference between the Buell factory pucks and pucks manufactured by DLH Development, is the different material these replacement pucks are made from. These frame pucks are manufactured out of a high technology polymer (a much harder plastic) vs. the factory, rubber type material. The DLH pucks include an additional thick wear bar inside the puck, which roughly doubles the wall thickness in the area most likely to get bumped. Because of the harder plastic and the additional wear bar, these pucks also do not require the small foam inserts the factory pucks have.


These pucks have (2) sprayed-on coatings, which can easily be recoated by the customer if they are damaged by minor scraping etc. This can be done while they are mounted on the motorcycle (removal is not required).


  • Gently sand the damaged area with 120 grit sandpaper until the minor scrape is sanded off.
  • Mask the off the areas around the puck and carefully touch up the puck with RUST-OLEUM LeakSeal Flexible Rubber Coating (PT#256949 BLACK).
  • After drying, apply (2) light coats of MINWAX FAST DRYING POLYURETHANE (clear semi-gloss). Both items are available at your local Hardware store.



These frame pucks are manufactured and engineered to the highest possible standards; however, they are ONLY DESIGNED TO PROTECT THE FRAME FROM MINOR SCRAPES ETC. They WILL NOT PROTECT THE FRAME FROM A MAJOR SLIDE OR ACCIDENT.

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