25542-04 Genuine Buell Primary Cover Painted 2003-2005 XB9 or XB12 Models (U1C)



New painted metallic magnesium Buell XB primary cover.

This for the OEM primary cover ONLY.

The cover will fit all 2003-2005 XB models.

Please read this part carefully and understand to avoid voiding the warranty on the primary cover.

Use caution when installing and do not over tighten the clutch cable or it will snap off in the primary cover, I will not replace the cover if this happens.

The clutch cable and clutch cable needs to be adjusted per the factory service manual. Running the adjustment to tight will allow the ball and ramp mechanism not to top put before the clutch lever bottoms out on the handle bar grip. If the clutch lever fails to bottom out on the grip first the end result is the ramp and ball machined lip will break off.

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