29900066 Genuine Buell Stator, All 2008-2010 XB9r/s, XB12r/s, XB12x/Xt (L11E)



The 29971-08 Stator has been replaced by the 29900066 stator

Genuine Buell  AMP/stator. This a NEW most up to date genuine Buell stator.


2008-2010 All XB models.

Please read this BEFORE installing stator: This is the most up to date and only stator HD makes for your Buell. Most likely your stator will not have the BLACK  clip shown below. Before you put your primary together you MUST check the clearance between the BLACK clip and the backside of the rotor when the stator is bolted in and the rotor is bolted down. If they interfere with each other you'll need to remove the clip and mounting rivet by cutting off the rivet and epoxying the wires in the possession they are in now.  Failing to check the clearance and removing the clip if needed will void the warranty and will damage the stator and rotor.

Most of the Buells out their do not need this modification done and we can't tell you if you'll have the issue or not. We have only seen a few that had this issue. This is what HD tells us to do if we run into interference issue. No other fix out there for the issue. DO NOT SPACE OUT THE ROTOR to make more space for clearance, this will throw off the chain alignment. 

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