K0407.01A1 Genuine Buell Rear Shock Front Mount For Short Updated Shock



One front O.E.M. shock mount. You will need this if your updating your shock from the 16+" shocks to the 14 3/4" - 15 1/8" shocks.

Work on all tube frame Buell's from 1995 to 2002 with the updated shorter shock.

This mount will not work with the 16+" shocks.

You will need check the length of your bolts that hold the mount on to the engine and make sure they are long enough to support having nuts on the them. The updated mount is NOT made to have a bolts screw into it , just go through it. Most bolts are long enough however some aren't and do to all the changes over the years I can't tell you if your will work or not.

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