AA1006.10FKZB Genuine Buell 1995-2002 Rear Isolator / Swingarm Mount Bolts, (L18E)



Genuine Buell swingarm isolator mount bolts. This is for ONE PAIR (2) of 5/8-18x3/4" bolts with the lock patch installed.  These bolts go through you rear isolator mounts into the swingarm adjusting bolt.

These replace the tall style allen bolt that came stock on some models and make it easier to install your new or old isolator mount.

Replaces: 2878Y & 3457Y


1995-1996 S2

1996-1998 S1

1997-2002 M2

1997-2002 S3 / S3T

1999-2002 X1

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