49-1830 Jims Primary Locking Tool For 1995-2002 S1, S2, S3, X1, M2 Models



Jim's primary locking tool. This little tool is a must for removing and installing the engine sprocket nut or clutch nut. It locks between the clutch and the engine sprocket keeping the from moving.

Instructions for locking bar.

1. Refer to service manual for removal of primary cover.

2. If you are removing motor sprocket nut, install locking bar in between two teeth of the front motor sprocket in the 4-O’clock position, and the other end of bar in between two teeth of the clutch sprocket at the10- O’clock position.

3. You are ready to remove the motor sprocket nut using hand tools only! WARNING: Do not use air or electrical impact.

4. To install front motor sprocket nut to the right torque, install the locking bar opposite of the instructions in step 2 with one end of bar at clutch sprocket in the 8-O’clock position and the other end at the 2-O’clock position on the motor sprocket.


1995-2002 S1, S2, S3, X1, M2,

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