38656-00YA Genuine Buell Clutch Cable, 1996-2002 Tube Frame Models (U2B)



Genuine Buell stock clutch cable with o-ring.  Roughly 53in.

Installation Note: When installing the cable do not over tighten the primary side of the clutch cable or it will break off in the primary. When tightening the cable down the cable should contact the o-ring and lightly compress it and the factory torque spec is 36-108 INCH LBS, if you try to get it a little tighter it will break off. The warranty doesn't cover the breaking off of the cable end.



1996-1998 S1

1997-2002 S3 / S3T

1997-2002 M2

1999-2002 X1

Will not work on S2 models.

Replaces: 38656-00Y, 38656-96Y

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