M0851.7AA & M0852.7AA Genuine Buell Right Scoop Kit Fits All XB Models (L17C/L19B/B1L)



 As sold on the 2010 Ulysses, this right side large air scoop kit comes with all the items need to install on any 2003-2010 Buell XB models.

We make this kit from are all genuine OEM Buell right side air scoop parts from the 2010 XB12X model.

This will not fit any bike with catalytic convert exhaust system (the header is in the way see pictures below).

This kit only includes the inner and outer right air scoop and the 3 extra bolt needed to bolt it all on.  Some items maybe removed from their original packages to be combined in one box for shipping.  This is NOT the complete comfort kit. 


2003-2010 XB models

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