Primary Cover Gasket Kit 06-10 XB Models (G4,G11,L3)



This kit contains genuine Buell primary gasket, clutch cover gasket, clutch, inspection cover gasket, James Gaskets OEM replacement shifter shaft seal, James clutch cable o-ring, and James drain plug o-ring. Sorry do to Harley-Davidson selling policy I can't sell the OEM shifter shaft seal and o-ring in the kit.

The kit will fit all 2006-2010 XB models

Genuine Buell Primary Cover Gasket
25377-03A Clutch cover gasket
25378-02B Primary cover gasket
34819-03A Inspection cover gasket
0935-0110 Shifter shaft seal
DS-174369 Clutch Cable O-ring
DS-174334 Drain plug O-ring

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