Cylinder Oil Passage Drain Tube Kit, Also Known As Pig Tails (L3E5)

V-Twin Manufacturing


Evolution cylinder oil passage drain tube kit for stock bore size cylinders only. When you are replacing your cylinder base gaskets this is a great kit to install. This will eliminate the oil from ever touching you base gaskets again by sending the oil down through the tube pass the gasket and into the lower end of the engine.

Easy to install. With the cylinders off just tap the oil drain tubes and insert the tube in to the cylinder. You will still use the cylinder base gasket but the returning oil from the top end will never touch it.

The kit is supplied with tap, hex wrench, and two drain tubes.

Please note the handle on these may be different than what is pictured.


1995-2002 S2, S1, S3, M2, X1

For instructions, please see V-Twin Manufacturing's website:

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