Y0732.T/0000 Genuine Buell Ignition Key Set, 2000-2010 Blast 2003-2010 XB / 1125 Models (SO)



Genuine Buell ignition key set cut to your key code. All keys are ordered in for each order and come as a pair.  OEM keys are not available as blanks, only pre-cut. Orders take 7-10 days for us to get in.

For us to complete the order you need to add one of the following to the notes ? comment area at check out. Without the information there will be a delay in sending out your order.

Ordering keys by key number

You must include your 4 digit key code at the time of the order. All key codes will start with an "8" (example 8400). The key number is NOT shown on any lock on your bike. All the keys originally came with a blue or silver tab with a key number stamped into it. Please add the key number to the notes area before check out.

Ordering keys without key number

If you don't have the key number you can order the key per the VINr of the bike. When ordering keys by VIN we can only look up the key number that the factory issued to the bike.  If you are ordering them by the vin number we can't guarantee the keys will be the correct ones. We will need a copy of the title of the bike sent to us for proof of ownership before we can order the keys with out the key number.

All key orders will have the guarantee that we ordered the number you requested or the number issued by the factory. No return will be issued for incorrect keys being ordered. 

All orders with keys will be held until the keys are ready to ship. 

If you any questions please contact us before ordering.


2000-2010 Blast models

2003-2010 XB & 1125 models


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