Oberon Clutch Slave Cylinder For 2008-2010 1125 Models (L2B2)

Oberon Performance



Replacement clutch slave cylinder by Oberon Performance for the Rotax motor. Designed to improve the efficiency and operation of the original clutch unit. The enhanced piston design reduces the heaviness of the original clutch action. The internal piston design, seals, and the addition of linear bearing have drastically enhanced it to prevent leaks and leave a smoother clutch action. CNC machined from T6 billet alloy for lightness, strength and eye-catching looks. Everything you need is included in the kit and is ready to install. The seals for this product are specially designed and manufactured by Oberon, the seals are guided within the unit by Oberon unique linear bearings to ensure the piston moves with a smooth and friction free operation.

This a great unit to replace your leaking or worn out slave cylinder.

DO NOT DISASSEMBLE THE UNIT! Unlike the OEM slave cylinder, this is a complete unit with all necessary parts and does not need to be disassembled into its components. Most of the steps for replacing the OEM cylinder can be skipped when installing the Oberon cylinder.

Please be sure the inside of the clutch cover is clean and has no abrasive surfaces prior to installation, or you might tear your o-rings. Replacement o-rings available on request.


2008*-2010 1125R/CR models

EBR 1190 Models

*If you have a 2008 model you may need to update to the R1029A.1AM clutch cover. Some users have reported fitment issues on their stock 2008 models, others have not had any issues.

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