X0204.1B7 EBR Clutch Master Cylinder With PSR Perch Clamp & Mounting Bolts


$75.00 $268.49

Genuine EBR front 3/4" bore clutch master cylinder with PSR perch clamp and mounting bolts. Will work on to most 7/8" handlebars. The banjo bolt location is located in a different location and may need a different clutch line if being used on a Buell. The clip-on bar is not included and is for reference only. Does not include any reservoir mount. This is a limited item.

Kit includes

1x 3/4" bore clutch master cylinder

1x Reservoir (no mounting bracket)

1x Clutch switch

1x Adjustable clutch Lever

1x PSR billet aluminum perch clamp

2x Perch mounting bolts.

Will not work on XB models to replace the cable.

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