H0110.1B72T EBR Front 8 Piston Caliper in Black


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EBR front 8 piston caliper in black. These are the same as the Buell H1110.1AMZT 8 piston caliper found the 1125r, 1125cr, and the later XB models. Theses will work on all XB and 1125 models.

If you are converting you bike from a 6 piston caliper to this or Buells 8 piston caliper you will need a new front brake line and a larger piston master cylinder.

The machined area on the side of the caliper was the "ZTL" from when Buell used the and EBR machined them off for there own logo that isn't included with the caliper.

The master cylinder required is H0507.1AMD.

Brake lines required are:

Firebolt - H2531.1AM

Lightning - H1531.8AE

Ulysses - H1531.4AK

Ulysses XT - H1531.2AV

Supper TT - H2531.4AN


2003-2010 XB models

2008-2010 1125 models

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