M0029.1AKA, M0028.1AKA Genuine Buell Frame Puck for Long XB models, Set



Genuine Buell right and left side frame pucks. 

Designed from high impact composite material. Help guard against minor cosmetic damage from an oops. The original discontinued kit for these was 93004-05YA. Now these are only sold as OEM replacement parts.

This is for the left and right side only frame protectors, no prep / cleaning pads. 

Self adhesive and easy to install.  

Please make sure your frame is clean of wax, oil, and other road grime before installing frame pucks. If you fail to clean the surface properly they may fall off, and that is not covered by the warranty. 

Will not fit on XB12S, XB9S, XB9SX, XB9SL, XB9SCG, XB12SCG, XB9R, XB12R, (short frame models)


2006-2010 XB12X, XB12XT, XB12XP

2007-2008 XB12STT

2006-2010 XB12SS

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