203814 Replacement Buell Performance ECM, 2008-2010 1125R Models With Stock Exhaust (L1B)


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Exhaust Type: Stock non-catalyst exhaust
Air Cleaner Type: Stock

This pre-tuned IDS performance ECM fits 2008-2010 1125r models with stock, non-catalyst exhaust and stock air filter. The 2008-2010 Buell model do not need tools to reset the TPS, this is almost a plug and play ECM. Please see the factory service manual for the TPS reset procedures. It is recommended to run 93 octane fuel, or the highest pump octane available (91-93). IDS is the company that made all the performance ECM's for Buell, Buell Racing, and EBR. Any questions please contact us before ordering.

The ECM is for race use only and must not be used on public roads. All race parts are for closed course competition use only and not intended for use on public road or highways. Its against federal EPA laws tampering or removing any EPA emission related components.

Once this package is opened its NOT returnable for a refund, only as a warranty replacement if there is a problem with the part. If no problem is found the returned part will be returned back to you. 

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