H0507.1B7 EBR Front Master Cylinder With PSR Perch Clamp & Mounting Bolts


$200.00 $268.49

Genuine EBR front 3/4" bore master cylinder with PSR perch clamp and mounting bolts. Will work on to most 7/8" handlebars. This master cylinder kit will work with bikes equipped 8 piston calipers only, it will move too much brake fluid for a 6 piston caliper. The banjo bolt location is located in a different location and may need a different brake line if being used on a Buell. The clip-on bar is not included and is for reference only. Does not include any reservoir mount. This is a limited item.

Kit includes

1x 3/4" bore master cylinder

1x Reservoir (no mounting bracket)

1x Brake light switch

1x Adjustable brake Lever

1x PSR billet aluminum perch clamp

2x Perch mounting bolts.

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