G1309.02A8YJ Genuine Buell Sky White Rear Wheel Kit Fits All XB'S & 1125's Models (U6A)



Genuine Buell Sky White rear wheel.

The rear wheels has the correct 3 bearings axle kit with the wheel that needs to be installed on the wheel.

This rear wheel is a THREE bearing wheel.

This kit will come with an XB axle. If using wheel on the 1125 models you will need a G0321.3AM three bearing axle.


2003-2010 XB Models

2008-2010 1125R/CR Models

We can have our service department install the bearings for you. The wheel comes with the bearing & axle kit for the XB models and to have our service department install them is $55.

This wheel is in its own box and shipped on its own and can not be combined with other items.

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